Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday Special: My Friend Lisa Atwood Guest Designs!

Happy Friday, my darling friends!!!

Today, the special guest designer taking over on my blog is my sweet friend and sister in Christ, Lisa Atwood!!!  Welcome, Lisa!!! (:   She lives in Canada and what an inspiring Godly woman she is!!  I am SO grateful to GOD for allowing us to cross paths.  How did we meet?  Well, through my very supportive friend, Jaime Jorge! XOXO  Lisa was one of those friends who also decided to check out my Facebook page after Jaime became a fan of it--YEAY!  Ever since, Lisa has become a really great friend of mine (thanks Jaime! hehe).   Lisa also creates some very pretty and sweet looking shabby chic cards, full of attention to detail! (:  Today, she's sharing a darling card she made for her dear mom... I can't wait for you to see it!!! :D   I am trying to convince her to start her own blog so that she can share all her beautiful work, PLUS she'll get to connect with some of the sweetest people I've met in the crafting community!  Maybe some of you will help convince her of this... (;  Please, accept a very warm welcome, Lisa!!!  Hope you come back again and visit us in the future!  Now, take it away, my friend!! (:


I'd like to wish all the talented and creative card makers out there a very Merry Christmas!  I hope your holidays were happy and memorable!  My name is Lisa, and I'm from Nova Scotia,  I feel so blessed to have met Grisel on FB!  She is a super talented crafty girl, and her creations inspire me greatly.  She is a real sweetheart to invite me here today!  

The card I am showing you is a birthday card, made from scraps that I was able to coordinate.  The base paper is a pale olive green with cursive writing in a darker green colour.  I added two ribbons about 3/4 down; a striped green and a checkered red, both of which I got at the dollar store.  These are attached with 4 black flower brads.  The 3D rose sticker is attached with glue dots to white cardstock, and three pale green buttons adorn one side of the rose.  I then glued the white cardstock to a heavy pink, textured cardstock from Colorbok.  The beautiful shape is enlarged from a clear stamp in the Martha Stewart line.  I then outlined the white card with a  stitch pattern in a dark green gel pen.  The flowers in the corner are just some pretty posies  I picked while at the dollar store!  They are attached with a blue brad and the leaf is made from twisted ribbon. The sentiment stickers are from Colorbok, as well as the round tag at the top.  To finish off the front, I outlined everything  with a pink gel pen and added pink pearls in the corners.  The inside of the card is covered with paper from a booklet from Hot off the Press.  I used my printer to add the sentiment in the journaling tag.  At the bottom, the same bright pink cardstock from Colorbok is used, and  is punched with  Martha Stewart's  edge punch.  I think the pattern is called "Lace".  White ribbon from WalMart is attached to the pink paper using two ivory brads.  Three red buttons are lined up along the right side of the card.  As for the cardstock I used, it is a very heavy grey card that comes in 24x12 sheets.  It was a gift from a friend, so I am unable to give a source for it.   And that's how easy it was!  

I do hope you'll visit Grisel's blog often and look at her other cards!  I am loving every guest, and card she has to offer!  My best wishes to all of you, and may you all have a happy, healthy and crafty new year!  <3 i="i">

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Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

What a beautiful card. I love coordinating my own materials too. You get a much more personal and original look. Blessings!