Friday, June 14, 2013


Happy Friday, my beautiful friends!!!

How are you all doing today?!!  I am über excited about today's post, because as you read from the title above, I do have some pretty amazing news to share!!!!! (;  But first, I'd like to remind you that the SACC blog begins a new "Anything Goes" challenge today and I know that you'll have a blast playing along with us... so I'm really looking forward to seeing your darling creations pop up over there!!! (;

This week's sponsor is Milk Coffee, and although they provided the DT girls w/some really cute images to work with, I had yet another kray-kray week before me, therefore, I didn't get a chance to play w/their adorable images ):  Instead, I'm sharing a card I made with recent Lawn Fawn goodies I received from V's Sweet Ideas and I am LOVIN' the way the card turned out!!! :D  Below, you'll see both the badges for Milk Coffee, the SACC blog and my card!!! (:

How adorable is this new Lawn Fawn stamp set "Blue Skies"?!!!  *smitten*  And the sentiment?! *swoon*  Also from the new set "A Good Apple", which--as a teacher--I happen to ADORE!!! (;  I will be sending this card to the most kind-hearted, Jesus-loving, humble, school superintendent in the universe:  David Cadavero!!!  My heart has immense gratitude toward this godly man... for his devotion to service, his genuine compassion and unfailing support!!!  He truly is carrying out GOD's plan and purpose for His cause.

And at last, the day has FINALLY arrived where I can now share [thee] biggest news of the year, along with a brief testimony!!! heheh :D  

For those of you who've known me for some years now, and those of you whom I have privately shared this info with, you know how long I've prayed, waited and struggled to find a stable full-time job.  I won't go into the little details that surround the things I've had to endure (I have all of that documented on another blog, which one day I'll give you a link to so you may read up, if you're interested)... All I can say is, it's been a long, bumpy journey with painful ups and downs, trials and crucibles, but of course, sunshine as well.  But even amidst the storms, I have vividly seen the LORD's mighty hand hard at work, laboring miracles in my life and I can testify to HIM never leaving my side for one moment.  I'd be lying if I sat here and told you that I have always felt GOD's presence there with me.  There have been times when I have called on Him, in the darkest of nights, and felt as though He was deaf to my cry and petitions.  Truth is, even when I didn't feel Him there,  it didn't take too long before He would convince me of His deep love for me, and I am evidently certain of His constant presence in my life, especially during those moments when I thought He had hidden His face from me.  He has supplied every single need of mine--including my occasional wants even.  Don't ask me how He's done it... All I can say is HE has, because He can and desires to... and that's what matters most!!!!  My lips can't sing His praises enough!!!  I give tribute to the King of the universe, for His magnificence and majesty, for manifesting Himself to me in power, honor and glory and for showing me just how GRANDIOSE and GOOD He is!!!  Waiting on GOD sure is rewarding!!!!  And I say this with conviction now!!! (:

To make the already-long-story short, after months of "yes", "maybe" and "who knows?!", I can now say that I have FINALLY been officially hired to teach second grade at an amazing Seventh-day Adventist school in the beautiful state of Maryland!!!!  Yes, ladies and gents, this New York gal is packing her bags to go live where her heart has always longed to be!!!!!  To say that I am ELATED and STOKED are understatements!!!!!! :D  (Psalm 37:4)

For six years, I have loved and dreamt about the state of Maryland.  I find it to be the most gorgeous state in the whole United States... Perhaps, because I have created so many meaningful memories in that place: nostalgic stories of happiness and heartbreak, friendships that I hold very dear to my heart and LOADS of laughter and fun!!!  And best of all, one of the greatest feelings/pleasures anyone can obtain in this life is when our sense of GOD's approval and leading is so clear.  As my great friend and brother in Christ, Arnet Mathers said to me one evening:  it gives us courage to endure through the hard times!  He [GOD] never calls us to failure, but to grow in faith as He uses us to His glory.  It is my prayer that the certainty of His calling keeps me firm in Him--the Bedrock!!!  Ohhh, my friends, and this is only the beginning... Great things are happening, but the BEST is yet to come and for that I am beyond thankful to GOD!!!!!! (;  (Jeremiah 29:11)

I am enthralled that I have finally been able to share my BIG news with all of you!!!  GOD is beyond good and I couldn't be more thankful to Him, not only for all the wondrous things He's done and continues to do on my behalf, but because I am deeply grateful for each and every one of YOU!!!!  I have yet to meet people as caring, encouraging and supportive as my crafty blog friends are!!!!!  I LOVE you all SO, SO much!!!!  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the tender love, care and kindness that you constantly demonstrate towards me!!!  You each enrich my life and make it better!!!  I'm the most blessed and highly favored girl in the world!!!  XOXOXO

"May the LORD repay you for what you have done. May you be richly rewarded by the LORD, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge.” ~Ruth 2:12




Pat said...

I am SO happy for you, Gri!!! Congratulations! I know this is a long time coming...God is good!

Lisa's Creative Niche said...

congratulations!!!! I am so happy for you and I know you'll be great!!!!!

Nancy K said...

Praising God with you over your wonderful news and sending blessings your way as you begin a new adventure in your walk with God. btw, your card is absolutely fabulous!!

lenny said...

CONGRATS!! Way to go, my friend!!
Happy that you're happy!! So well deserved!! That school is gonna be over the moon, now that they made the decision to hire you!!
Clever decision!! :))
Oh...and that card is beautiful!! Love the colors, all those fluffy clouds and the use of vellum!!
Awesome job!!!!
Have a great weekend!!
PS: Let's get the party started!! :))

TenSGal said...

This school and those children are going to soooo benefit from all you have to offer. Congratulations, Grisel!!! What wonderful news....I was so hoping when I saw your post title that you were going to announce you'd found the work you'd been hoping for.
I love Maryland, too...almost as pretty as Georgia (Just kidding) will love it there, I'm sure!
So happy for you!
Hugs and God Bless!

Oh....and you card, as always, is wonderful!!!

Unknown said...

Congrats Grisel. Best of Wishes in The Lord. You deserve it. You will be missed here in NY.

Lisa T said...

Love your card!
Congrats on the teaching job. So happy for you!

Angel said...

wow, so VERY happy for you! I wish you the BEST!!!! Enjoy your new adventure!

Vicky said...

Grisel I am so happy for you!!!! I wish you all the best in your new job and I hope everything comes smoothly with the moving and finding a new house. WOW! These are exciting news!!! I am so grateful for your friendship, your lovely comments and all of the support on my blog and now on Maria's. You deserve all the best because you are such an amazing person. Blessings!