Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Special Graduation Card + A Testimony!

Hello, my beautiful friends!!!

I am SO happy that I get the opportunity to drop in today and share not just a card, but a miraculous story/testimony and some pictures to go with it! (:

My cousin Carlos graduated college yesterday--praise GOD!!!!!
Carlos & his parents--my beloved aunt & uncle

Many of you have no idea who Carlos is, other than he used to be my awesome card photographer many moons ago (lol haha).  Carlos is the most handsome 26 year old in the universe, if I say so myself! (;  My opinion may or may not be biased, but who gives a hoot?!  HA!  He simply is... (:  

In early January 2010, Carlos was involved in a devastating skiing accident in PA.  He spent 2 and a half months in a coma at the hospital.  So many complications followed after that terrible accident.  He had a brain embolism, fractured legs and hip.  To cut the nightmare story short, his right leg was amputated due to gangrene while he was in coma.  The doctors kept many things quiet from his family.  That's how scared they were of the outcome... They'd only share a few things here and there, which weren't the most pleasant to hear either.  Things like- "Carlos will be blind.  He'll never speak or reason again." and that's if he even made it!!  That goes to show, GOD has the last word in everything concerning the details of our lives!!!

I remember how many people from around the globe united in prayer for this boy.  It was intense.  I also remember it was one of the times when my spiritual life grew quite strong, because I had to cling onto GOD so tightly--with all my strength and being.  I had no choice but to depend fully on Him!  I begged with all my might that He would save Carlos' life and would give him a second chance.  

Upon waking up from the coma, the last 2 and a half years were spent in intense therapy and rehab, which was a miracle in itself.  He also began to speak, eat and laugh before anyone could have ever thought would even happen.   Tell me GOD isn't Omnipotent and Mighty--you just can't!!!  GOD surpasses any laws of nature... He's the Maker of those laws to begin with, so He doesn't need to obey them in order to save one of His precious children!!!

It was GOD who also gave Carlos the ability and strength to set his mind on an "I can" attitude.  About 6 or 7 months ago, Carlos bought his first car.  He was determined to drive again before graduating school, and he did!!!  Carlos started driving again approximately a little over a month ago, and oh what a marvelous day that was!!!  

Carlos also passed one of the hardest tests in his field, for which he started studying for a year in advance... I can proudly also inform you, he passed with very high scores--praise the One Above for His grandiose works!!!!! :D 

And as if those huge accomplishments weren't enough to make us all happy, this past Saturday, Carlos' family, together with mine, had the amazing privilege and joy of seeing him graduate with his Bachelor degree from Vaughn College!!!!  

I couldn't be more happy and proud of Carlos!!!  He is my inspiration and GOD is my ALL for answering my prayers beyond what I had envisioned!!! :D

Carlos is now scheduled to undergo surgery once again at the end of this month.  His other leg will be amputated, since unfortunately it has not healed and only continues to worsen.  After the surgery, he'll be able to go to rehab again, learn how to walk with a second prosthetic leg and have a more "normal" life...

I have tears of joy in my eyes as I write this.  Words can not express how grateful I am to GOD for answering everyone's prayers--and mine--concerning Carlos!!!  GOD has given him life again, and there's no doubt in my mind that He will do great and marvelous things through Carlos!  I'm SO happy and full of praises to GOD!!!!!

Anyway, I'd like to also share the graduation card I made especially for him...  Hope you like it as much as Carlos and I do!!! (:

Thank you SO much for stopping by today.  I am also very grateful for the incredible amount of supportive messages/comments I've been receiving from many of you regarding my pending good news, which I'll soon be ready to share.  I've been so overwhelmed with busy work here... However, please don't think for a moment I've been ignoring your messages.  I've read each of them and believe me, they've made me smile and have helped me get through some troublesome bumps on the road... Your sweet and encouraging words have kept me going!!!  THANK YOU immensely, my lovely friends!!! XOXO  I'm also working on replying to each of you individually (unless I don't have your e-mail addresses)!!  I love you, all!!!  "The Lord bless thee and keep thee; the Lord make His face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee; the Lord lift up His countenance upon thee, and give thee peace." ~Numbers 6:24-26




Pat said...

I saw a pic on Sorayas page yesterday about Carlos! So excited for him! What a testimony his life has been these past few yrs. May God continue to guide Him in each step of his life! :)

TenSGal said...

Praise God for all His blessings! So glad that this story has had such a positive outcome. Prayers for Carlos and his family as he faces this next surgery and also prayers that his recovery will be quick and easy.



Lisa's Creative Niche said...

Fabulous card! And what a wonderful story... thank you so much for sharing this with all of us!

Laura Jane said...

Thank you for sharing this today..Congratulations to your cousin..An "I can do attitude" with GOD leading and given the praise...Amen... and...My most FAVORITE verse!

lenny said...

What a BEAUTIFUL post!! Wow!!
Speechless here...What an amazing cousin you have...Congrats to him!!
He has such a positive attitude!!
We can learn LOTS from him!! Great post, my friend!! Thanks so much for sharing this with us!
Congrats on the other thingy! :)) Really HAPPY for you!! So WELL deserved!!
big, big hug
PS: THANKS for your constant support!! You totally ROCK!! :)
PS2: Almost forgot to say something about your card...totally love it!
Great masculine "congrats" card! Love the "bling"! Great job!

Barb Ghig said...

I am choking back the tears after reading your story, Grisel! What a brave and courageous young man he is, and what a wonderful and loyal cousin you are to him! Thank God for all of his accomplishments...I will keep him in my prayers for a full recovery on his upcoming surgery...hugs to you!

I also LOVE your card! It's just perfect for a young man...I'm sure he will treasure it for a long time to come!

Yainea said...

Wow! That's an amazing story... So happy for you all, it's wonderful that he has that big strenght, he can do whatever he wants, of course! And he's lucky to have a great family like you :)
Oh! And I love the card, a prefect masculine one with a touch of your sweetness :)

Lisa T said...

Great card! Congrats to Carlos!

alexandra s.m. said...

Oh My Grisel! Carlos story brought tears to my eyes!
Thank You for sharing it with us.
I wish him the Happiest life ever! What a courageous and handsome man indeed!

Your card is adorable ;-)


Leslie Germain said...

Wow, Grisel. What a wonderful story. Your cousin is a very special person. I am assuming his positive attitude and determination has gotten him to where he is now in his recovery. Congrats to him on graduating. I hope his next surgery goes well.

Angel said...

What an AMAZING story!!!! Congrats to your cousin! That is AWESOME!

Sarah Nancarrow said...

What a truly inspiring story! Thank you for sharing your elegant card - I love the sparkly cap :)