Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy 70th Birthday!

Hello, my beautiful friends!

I couldn't wait to share this card with you all.  This one I made this past week for one of my good friends, Kelly Aldarondo.  She ordered it from me to give to her mother-in-law on her 70th birthday!  I needed to choose colors that were more appropriate for commemorating such a special birthday.  I was very satisfied with the results and now I can't wait to make more cards just like this one!!! (:  I made the paper roses by hand--could I LOVE them any more?!!  I also wanted to create something vintage-y, clean & simple, yet sophisticated.  I happen to think I came pretty close to that goal!  The easiest way to achieve a vintage look?  Black, white, silver and just a hint of red! (;  Hope you guys enjoy!

Wishing you all a fabulous rest of your weekend!  See you back here on the blog, soon!  Have a blessed and crafty day! xoxo




lenny said...

Wow!Great card!!
Love the vintage feeling!
Lovely color combo!
Nice job!! You're doing great, keep it up!!

Milton Gonzalez said...

Wow! ¡Esta tarjeta si que te quedo bella! Hmmm...I see a potential (0;

Shaela said...

LOVE those paper roses - what a beautiful card for your friend to give her MIL! :)

V's Sweet Ideas said...

omg!!! What a beautiful card! You have to teach me how to do those paper roses please! Love it!

Pat said...

I hadn't had a chance to comment on this card--but it's LOVELY! I love the color combo--it's so classy and elegant! :)