Saturday, October 19, 2013

Wow, wow, wow!

Hellooooo, my beautiful friends!!!!

Wow, what a journey!!!!! I have missed you all SOOOO much!!!!!! If life was crazy this past summer, well that's just an understatement now!!!! Work is basically my life--literally!!  I haven't had any time to craft or do anything else for myself!!! *rolling eyes*.  But I finally found some amazing and very talented ladies who love to craft and brightened up my day by setting a date so that we could get together and craft today--YIPPEE!!!!  We'll be getting together once a month to craft now... God knows I desperately needed this for the sake of my sanity!!!  And I am beyond  thrilled that I get to play w/my goodies once again so that I can get lost inside my creative world!!!!  It has been a marvelous day!!!! (;

I want to share with you the first card I've made since moving here to MD!!!! My heart is SO happy and overjoyed!!!  I think Maryland may HAVE just gotten a little better... (;

I used my most recent Lawn Fawn goodies, which I had ordered a bunch of about a month ago.  And I was finally able to break them in today!!!! *grin*  Anyway, I hope you like it!!!!  I didn't have all my supplies w/me so I couldn't do various things that I would've liked to, had I been amidst all my crafting tools glory! HA! (:  Ahh, yes, and I took the picture with my iPhone... and since I don't have Internet at home just yet, I'm uploading this blog post from my Blogger phone App... This is why you may not see my usual colorful smilies or fonts this time heheh (:  Anyway, I hope you are all well!!! Know that I miss and love you all very much!!! Xoxoxo God's best!!!


Grisel ❤️


Tenia Nelson said...

So so pretty!! :)

~amy~ said...

This is darling! good to see you crafting/posting!

Laura Jane said...

I've thought of you often...knew you were busy setting up house in MD. Hope you are enjoying the new job.Great card, Glad to see you back baby!!

Barb Ghig said...

Hi Grisel!
I'm so happy that things are going well for you...and, your card is beautiful! How fun to find some 'crafty friends', too!
I hope to see more from you soon...I missed you!

Pat said...

Glad you found some more crafty friends to help you enjoy MD more! :) Cute card, too. :)

TenSGal said...

So glad to see you back online! I was wondering how your move had gone. Hope all is well.
Such a cute card!!!


Yainea said...

Pretty card! So glad you're posting and crafting again! Sending lots of hugs!! :)

Lisa's Creative Niche said...

Yay!!! So happy to see your happy face around again! You've def. been missed and so happy you have found some crafting friends and time again! Big hugs!!!