Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!! (:

Happy Thanksgiving, my lovely readers!!!!

I am SO ecstatic about this day!!!  I get to spend quality time with my family, cousins and closest friends!!!  We're all gathering together at my favorite aunt's house in the city this evening!!! :D

However, I couldn't let this day pass me by without wishing you all a happy, healthy and blessed Thanksgiving!!!! :D  I am beyond grateful to GOD for SO much and I can't wait to share my Thanksgiving list at dinner tonight with the rest of my family and friends...  GOD has blessed me immeasurably more than I have ever asked or imagined!!!!!!  If I sat down to write all the things He has done for me this year, I'd never be able to stand up, because the list goes on and on and on!!!  I couldn't be more thankful for JESUS and the gift of Salvation!!!  For this and TONS more I praise Him and love Him all the more, with all my heart, mind and soul!!!

I am also enormously thankful for all of you, my precious readers, who support and encourage me through your kind and uplifting words right here on my blog!!!  I am the luckiest girl in the world!!!  I love you all!!!!  Thank you for all you do and may the LORD repay you for each act of kindness you demonstrate towards me!!!!

This is the reason why I'd like to dedicate this card to ALL of you...... It's the least I can do:

I made it long ago, but just never got around to sharing it on the blog.  I don't think there's a more perfect moment but this one to share it with you!!!  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! (:

'Til next time!!!  Xoxo




Laura Jane said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too!
Huge Smiles for you dear!!

gRiSeL™ said...

OMG, someone PLEASE get me Laura Jane's e-mail address or I am going to shoot myself!!!! I want to get in touch with you, sweet lady!!!!! *tears*

Thanks SO much for your loving kindness and encouragement!!!! Your comments NEVER fail to make me smile!!!!!! That's a promise!!!! Xoxoxo Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!!!! And yes, I'm pretty excited about the Paper Smooches Guest Designer win!!!! Hooray!!!! GOD is beyond good!!! :D

lenny said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!
Cute card!!
Congrats on being Paper Smooches Guest Designer! That's awesome!!!
Well deserved!! Your cards and designs are fab!! They made a good choice!! :)

TenSGal said...

Love your card here! This is just adorable....and I'm thankful for all the really talented folks I've found and met out here in blog world!
Hope your day was wonderful!


Vicky said...

What a sweet card! Glad you shared it! Happy thanksgiving my friend. I am really thankful for being one of my blog friends. Enjoy your holidays and have fun with your loved ones.

Karen Letchworth said...

Congrats on being a GDT member for Paper Smooches. It always such a blessing to see people using their God-given talents to bless others as you have done. I hope you enjoyed your guest spot - you ROCKED it!
I would really love to have you share your art and play along at Word Art Wednesday when you are able. That would be awesome to have you fellowship with us and share your gorgeous art in our challenges.
Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving, and that you will also enjoy this nice long weekend. I look forward to seeing more of your sweet art!
By the way, I am SO in love with Vanessa's sweet shop. She will be sponsoring us this year - how exciting! Hope to see you soon, and thanks again for blessing so many with your art.
Karen L