Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Special: My #1 Favorite Crafter!!!!!! :D

Woohoo!!!!!  The day has FINALLY arrived and I get to present to you today's über talented guest designer!!!!!!  She is a favorite of many, many crafters, including myself!!!!!!!!  :D  I actually have a list of my favorite crafters and this artist/crafter comes in at #1--the very first one at the very top of my list!!!!!! :D :D :D So you can only imagine how elated I am that she is taking over on my blog today!!!!!!  :D  Her name is Vicky Papaioannou and she lives in Greece!!!! *waving*  She's also the author of the blog "Clips-n-Cuts", where she frequently shares posts of her beautiful artwork!!!  Vicky also has a YouTube channel where she weekly posts the most A-MAZE-ING video tutorials you will ever see!!!!!!!  You MUST check it out here and subscribe!!!!  Warning:  I guarantee you will be HOOKED for life!!!!!!!!  I look forward to every Sunday, because I get to watch a new video from her... It's like waiting for my favorite TV show--I even find myself humming to the tune in her videos!!! HA! (;   Her style is the one I identify myself most with, because it's a variety of many techniques, especially ones I absolutely adore (and I know her favorites, too)--paper piecing, embossing, creating adorable little scenes AND using LOTS of colors!!!!  She is a true artist... Actually, she is the definition of an artist!!!!!!!  She creates masterpieces and I can't brag enough about her genius creativity and how she comes up with the most breath-taking ideas--she's out of control I tell ya!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Anyways, I am beyond stoked and honored to have her guest post on my blog today... I can hardly contain my excitement!!!!!  I am leaping for joy!!!!!!  Hahahaha!!! (:  Thank you, Vicky for giving me the privilege of accepting to guest design on my blog today and for creating quite the treat for all my beautiful blogger readers and crafty friends to enjoy!!!!  Hoping this isn't the last time you come by and delight us with your visit!!!! (;

And now, lovely readers, I leave you with the genius, mind-blowing artist, VICKY PAPAIOANNOU!!!!!


Hi everyone! I am so happy to share here a couple of cards!
Grisel is such a talented, sweet and generous lady and it is a true honor to be a guest here today!

I made a couple of Christmas cards using one of the cutest stamp sets out there. It is called “Happy Winter” by Deasy Designs and I happened to get one before the company stopped the production of their clear stamps.

So here is my first card.

And here is a closer look

While I was creating the card I took some photos along the way.

That stamp set and the Aspen Frost paper collection are so inspiring!  
So here is another card I made using patterned paper and paper piecing.

and here is a closer look

Hope my cards were inspiring! Don't waste your time! Start making your Christmas cards if you haven't done already. Christmas is just around the corner!

Thank you Grisel, for introducing me to your readers and for your hospitality! I had fun taking over your blog today!!! 




Vicky said...

Blushing here... Thank you Grisel for having me here today and for the amazing introduction! WOW! Is that me you are talking about?! still blushing... You are the sweetest person on earth!

Holly Saveur said...

Gorgeous cards!

TenSGal said...

I came here by way of Vicky's blog...if she tells me to check something out I do!...Great Blog!!!
Love your designs!
Vicky...your two cards are adorable. I love that tree die cut and the stamp set is too cute! And the little stockings are adorable too! Thanks for bringing me here!


Barb said...

Vicky's work is always so inspiring! Love her videos too!

Awesome cards, Vicky! Love the pretty Aspen Frost papers you used and these images are adorable! Congrats on guest designing! :)

LauraJane:) said...

Great cards Vicky!
Lovely blog Grisel:)

CinnamonSally said...

Fabulous and cute Vicky!!

Laurel Beard said...

SOOOOOO cute! Love it!

beth L said...

could not have said it better myself!! definitely the highlight of my sunday evenings watching her videos. Truly gifted!!

beth L

Merilee Lane said...

I second all of your feelings about Vicky and her artwork! I just love her videos, too!

Thanks for your great work, Vicky! It's always a pleasure to find yet another of your posts.


omyn said...

As always, your cards are happy, joyful and beautiful :)

V's Sweet Ideas said...

Awesome post Grisel!!! Love Vicky's cards and video's! She is one of my fav's

Joyce McIntosh said...

Love the cards today. I always look forward to Vicky's Sunday videos.

MS said...

Yay!!! I adore Vicky. Love Vicky! She was one of the first Crafters I followed and have always been inspired by her creations!!

Barb Ghig said...

I linked here from Vicky's blog - Hi Vicky!!! I love these cute cards! Thanks so much for sharing them with us!!!

Renee V said...

I wholeheartedly agree with you Giselle! I have been completely and totally hooked on what my daughter calls 'Vicky Videos' since I first found her blog! Everything she creates is inspiring!! Love these cards today :)

Theresa said...

Great cards. I too agree with what Giselle said. thanks as always for sharing.